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What's happened on here?
Last post by JohnHardy on Mar 17 at 11:30 AM.

Shadburn Ferry Blocked Off
Last post by JohnHardy on Mar 17 at 11:29 AM.

Buford Police Activity - next to Bogan Park 1am, 1-4-16
Last post by coprock1970 on Mar 09 at 01:35 PM.

Red Light Question
Last post by LizardMan on Dec 09 at 01:47 PM.

Stealing Newspapers from driveways...
Last post by lostindixie on Nov 13 at 04:55 PM.

Possible gang members
Last post by Arisendemon on Oct 23 at 01:14 AM.

Gwinnett Police - HB 60
Last post by Phil1979 on Dec 28 at 06:52 PM.

Lville cop errors on police report changeable?
Last post by StreetSamurai on Dec 01 at 03:55 PM.

Kroger Evacuation - Why?
Last post by lostindixie on Nov 13 at 11:22 PM.

Windsong Park, Dacula
Last post by tybee on Nov 11 at 09:09 PM.

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Behind the Badge: Articles by Stan Hall

Section Contents
· Pack Your Bags and Pack your Pistol
· Try to Remember
· Predisposed Incorrectness
· Imperfect Balance
· A Capital Idea
· Where’s the Compassion?
· Comparatively Speaking
· The Age of Justifiable Innocence
· Lock Them Up and Throw Away The Key
· From The Age of Aquarius to The Age of The Obvious
· Suicidal Tendencies
· Last Arrow In The Quiver
· Who Are These Women
· The New College Prep Course
· Gangin’ Up On Them
· Run For the Border
· Following the Leader
· Life Is Best Seen At Eye Level
· Everything is Just Super
· When Normal No Longer Exist
· What’s In Your Wallet?
· A Walk In The Park
· Just Plain Evil
· The Eyes Have It
· …….And A Robber In A Ski Mask
· Symbolic Gestures
· Who’s The Victim Here?
· Mountain Climbing 101
· The Next Wave of Pain Centers
· It's All About the Look
· You Better Think
· The Next American Idol
· Children of the Porn
· Where Am I
· Separation And Reparation
· Turning The Other Cheek Has Its Limits
· I’m Okay....It’s Just Something In My Eyes
· Rats In The Attic
· Cloaking In The Boys Room
· John Couey Can Go To Hell
· May I Have Your Attention Please
· Slow Wheels of Justice Not Made for “Race…ing”
· Unfit For A Dog
· Out Of My Hands
· Silence Is Not Always Golden
· Six Flags, 3 Thugs, and One Big Mess
· Playing The Blame Game
· Dead Man Walking: Part 2
· Everybody Goes To Jail
· Maybe This Black Helicopter Has Finally Landed
· The Neighborly Thing To Do
· Top of the Heap
· Final Bell About To Ring….Time To Come Out Swinging
· Politics and Justice: A Strange Mix Indeed
· Chasing Cars
· Whatcha Gonna Do
· Doomsday Comes to 32 in Blacksburg
· Doubting Thomas Is Sometimes Needed
· It’s All In Your Head
· Won’t You Be My Neighbor
· Have Mercy
· Pharming Just Ain’t What It Used To Be
· One’s Rights Should Not Justify System’s Wrongs
· Playing Chase
· Grumpy Old Men
· It’s All About the Quality
· Just Ought To Take Him Out and Shoot Him
· Oh, How Juvenile
· The Evidence Speaks for Itself
· Just Duking It Out
· Joshua’s Law Is Good Start
· Running (From) the Numbers
· The Usual Suspects
· All Rise And Come To Order
· I Hear You Knocking
· And Now For Tonight’s News
· Welcome To The Danger Zone
· Total Eclipse of the Smarts…One Tragedy After Another
· Laws That Are Simply To Die For
· Soldiers Who Wear Badges
· More Scary Stories…
· When Forty Nine Becomes Fifty
· Deal Or No Deal
· Every Nightmare Should Have An Ending
· Crossing The Bridge
· Armchair Policing
· It Was His Prerogative
· The Dissolution of Our Country’s Immune System
· Do You See What I See?
· Oh What Wicked Webs They Weave
· Waiting At The End Of the Slide
· A Tisket, A Tasket; Babies Left In Baskets
· The Kids Are (Not) Alright
· In Hot Water Over Cold Cash
· Homeland Security….Bar-B-Que Style
· The Young and the Ruthless
· Can you Hear Me Now
· Welcome to The Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy Show
· Baby, You Can Drive My Car
· It’s Just Politics
· My Introduction to Law: A Frightening Experience
· Truly a Tuxedo Junction
· Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are
· Illegal Immigration Issue Frustrating For Local Law Enforcement
· A Study Of Change, And the Fact That Things Never
· Oh Yes, the Times Have Changed
· Jesus, Santa and the Ever Present Donkey
· From The Mouths Of (Babes?)
· Fighting Fire (power) With Fire (power)
· Tags On Toes....The Final Chapter
· Don’t Make Me Kill You
· Red Light Cameras or Red Light District
· For The Life of Me (And You)
· Remember When Civics Were More Than A Japanese Import
· The Writing Is On The Wall….And Everything Else
· Hope Is Nothing More Than Another Four Letter Word
· Predators on the Run
· New Resolutions and Old Responsibilities
· With Every Stroke Of The Brush
· Uniform Does Not Always Make “The Man”
· So This Is Christmas
· Victims are Still Sitting at the Children’s Table
· From Girls of the Day to Ladies of the Night
· Take Time To Stop And Smell…..The Roses?
· I Fear That It Might Be the Death of Us All
· Chicken Little and Other Aviary Observations
· FBI Hiring Policies Have Gone To Pot
· Here Comes the Judge; (Again)
· Local Jury Pool Is Filled With International Waters
· Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry
· Time to Take Out the Trash
· Temporarily Asleep or Permanently Comatose
· But For the Grace of God
· Baby Steps
· Static
· Anything But Typical
· Watch This
· Any Which Way But Loose
· Will You Please Speak Up
· It’s Not Just an Adventure; It’s Really a Job
· System Overload
· Monsters Among Us
· Do You Have a Verdict?
· The Chance (Or Mistake) Of A Lifetime
· My Lips Are Sealed
· A Step Over The Line
· It Might Be a Sign
· Sound The Alarm….Or Let’s Just Unplug It
· Weeding Not Just For Gardens
· A Funny Thing Happen On the Way to Adulthood
· Don’t Forget: Cops Are Still the Good Guys
· Motive Sometimes Not As Important As Motif
· Oslo Agreement Gave Birth to Current Suicide Bomber Phenomenon
· Location Is Everything
· Lights, Camera, Action: Celebrity Trials Have Damaged System’s Reputation
· Extreme Makeover: Nothing New For Judicial System
· Fallen Heroes Deserve Better Fate
· A Series of Unfortunate Events: Dead Police Officers, Supreme Court Rulings, and Families Betrayed
· But Baby….It’s Cold Outside
· Hail, Hail, the Gangs All Here!
· A Changing Scenery and A Changing World
· Cry Me A River
· Who's Watching Who?
· Animal Farm II - Ascension of the Absurd
· Suicide By Cop Is A Real Concern
· 2005 - Critical Year For Gwinnett
· In Other Words...
· It's the Most Wonderful (and Dangerous) Time of the Year
· Time to "Git-R-Done"
· The Aftermath of Child Abuse
· On A Recent Trip to the Supermarket...
· The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round
· All Eyes Are On Us
· What's Love Got to Do With It?
· Teach Your Children Well......
· Forget the Guns; It's Cars That Are Killing Our Kids
· Some Traditions Should Not Be Forgotten
· Inside Out
· DNA: A Reliable Tool For Both Sides
· Oh Say Can YOU See
· Homeland Security Measures, Simply a Reality
· What's Your Sign
· R-E-S-P-E-C-T
· It Could Be Worse
· Image Is Everything
· How Long Will We Sit Back and Do Nothing
· The Best-laid Plans are Wasted If Not Implemented
· Smile, You May Be On Camera
· How Can A Victim Not Be A Victim?
· To Those Who Would Kill Children
· Drinking and Driving on the Road to Destruction
· Melting Pots & Frying Pans
· "What You Talking Bout?"
· A Tale of Two Cities, Revisited
· Desensitization and Undeserving Consequences
· Maybe It's Just Me
· Of The People, By The People, For The People
· CLEAR Act Can Be Beneficial or Disastrous
· Home Invasions Deserve Immediate Attention
· The Gangs of Gwinnett
· A Call (Or Recall) To Arms
· The Painfully Obvious
· A Line In The Sand
· What's A Kid To Do?
· Courtrooms Are Opening Up For Crime Victims
· Are Things Really That Bad.....?
· Learning Respect for Father's Badge
· Through the Eyes Of A Child
· Sorry For The Inconvenience...But
· The Shadow Knows…..What We Must Learn
· Crime Victims Must Not Be Forgotten
· I Hear You Knocking
· Who's Your Daddy?
· If Not "In God We Trust", Then Who
· The Powers That Be
· Parks or Police ???
· You Have The Right...But At Whose Expense
· Where Have All The Real Jails Gone...Long Time Passing
· Personal Freedom Versus National Security: A Challenging Dichotomy
· "Where Did They Learn That From?"
· Law Enforcement Involvement, Good First Step For DFCS Troubles
· Local Police Are a Vital Part of System
· How About This For A Role Model
· Human Trafficking Goes Beyond Logical Explanation
· Whose Fault Is It Anyway?
· Watch Out, The School Buses Are Coming Back!
· Leave Our Kids and Old Folks Alone
· What Is This World Coming To?
· Drug Enforcement Efforts Cannot Take a Back Seat
· District Attorney's Shoulders Carry Tremendous Burdens
· Profile Of A Dead Man
· Leaky Borders Have Created A Flood
· Gwinnett's 911: Nerve Center For Emergency Services
· Where The Grass Is Green
· Can The Unborn Be A Victim Of Crime?
· Criminal Profiling Provides Excellent Tool For Law Enforcement
· Same Old Same Old…Again
· Local African-American Leaders Speak Out About Crime
· Just For A Moment
· Angels Have Moustaches Too
· Seeds Once Sewn
· New 'Amber Law' Can Save Lives
· National Police Week Deserves Recognition
· Television Depiction of Law Enforcement is Damaging
· Judicial Crosses to Bare
· Faces Of Courage
· Websites Offer Protection To Victims And Citizens
· Crimes Against The Elderly Incomprehensible
· Will Somebody Please Raise The Driving Age?
· Drug Offenses Are Not Victimless Crimes
· Child Sexual Abuse Remains On The Rise
· True Homeland Security Requires Sacrifice
· Methamphetamine Labs Create Serious Threat
· Police Review Panels Should Be a Positive Step
· State of The County Address Shows Tremendous Law Enforcement Strides
· Illinois Governor Gives Death Penalty To...The Death Penalty!
· Jury Duty Is An Obligation
· Stan Hall's Biography
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